A team with multifaceted experience in fixing, news coverage, documentary filmmaking, live television coverage, radio, photojournalism and graphic design. Our exposure in the region accords us a wide network with key news sources, journalists, producers, locations and technical film crew who work in the East African region. Uganda, South Sudan, Rwanda and Somalia all included.

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Our Services

We provide a variety of services for our wide range of clients. Some include the following:

Fixing & Location Scouting

Looking for a fixer in Kenya and the larger East Africa? We provide production services to dozens of production, news agencies & NGO's across the world. From our comprehensive database of the region we will assist you in finding your story or location. Save time & money by letting us scout the locations ahead of your shoot.

Documentary Photography

Documentary photography is one of our strongest passions. With a multifaceted, experienced and equiped team in the photojournalism and commercial photography field, whether you have an event or wish to tell a compelling story through documentary stills, you will always find an answer in our snappers. Don't hesitate to talk to us.

Documentary Production

Right from concept to product, our team will work with you to produce your documentary. We also offer our production services to organizations and individuals to achieve their desired graphic goal that appeals to their intended audience.

Media Workshop

Through our MashinaniTV platform, we offer regular training in television production tailored for documentary filmmaking. The training also equips communications, journalism, public relations and media affairs specialists with multimedia skills for the online platform.

Highlights Of Our Work

Be it an in-house production or work for our clients, we approach every new project as a new challenge and tackle it to the best our abilitiy. Here is a sample of some of our work.

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    George Kavanagh, Photogragher

    Kenya Fixer Agency is one of the best I've worked with in Africa. Best crew, best people one can liaise with anybody and everybody, taking off the pressure. That"s part of their proffesional experience.

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    Matt Head, Art Director, OGILVY UK

    Use these guys they are the best. They provide the best options. I was very happy. I'd recommend that.

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    James Goldsmith, Technical Assistant

    They do a fantastic job. Have a good rapport with everyone involved within a location. You can always use them again if you wanted to.

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What else do we do

Apart from our production services, we also provide the following services


We provide a wide range of advertising services for our clients. Get in touch with us.

Media & Print Consultancy

We provide a media & print consultancy services. Need help with a project, let us know.

Web developing

We also provide web design and development services. Feel free to contact us.

Our Team

Meet the team behind Kenya Fixer Agency operations.

our clients

Kenya Fixer Agency has worked with a variety of companies, some of our clients include;


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P.O. Box 11972, 00100. Nairobi - Kenya.

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